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Abito sonoro is a wearable device with embedded sensors, it is conceived to collect data from the contacts and proximity of the wearer. The information read by the sensors drives the parameters of a software synthesizer programmed in the device; with sounds, Abito creates a metaphorical perception of the space surrounding a subject.

In 2020, the project of Abito Sonoro took off with a team with proficiencies in Textile Design (Federica Terracina), Robotics (Gioele Villani, gioelevillani.com/ ) and Sound Design (Francesco Zedde, frazedde.eu/ ).

During the Master Textile-Creation of Textiles Art 2021-2022 at the Fondazione Lisio in Florence, the two Jacquard textiles were woven with the advice of designer and weaver Eva Basile.

keyword: dispositive; space; body; textile; sound; coding; movement; language;   prossemic; circuit; sensor; immaginary; habitus; habitat; smartcity; anthropocene; entropy; community; act; synesthesia; e-textile

Developing an interdisciplinary device for performance helps us to change our priority scale and welcome new ideas. Any experience gained yields an extensive set of reading tools. Working on the perception of our proxemic sphere transforms our interaction, thinking about gestures with conscious experience leads to cogitate on meaning boundaries and language barriers.

The language is made up of both a grammar aspect and a physic aspect, of sensible systems of communication. In particular, the human somatic system includes: Sound systems, Dynamic systems, Chemical epidermal and thermal systems.

Abito involves all of the three systems, focusing on the relationship between dynamic systems (kinesics and proxemic) and sound (paralinguistic components, Non-verbal sound). Participants invited to experience sound and gesture have the opportunity to explore the limits of language.

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Abito Sonoro, first sweatshirt prototype, study

Abito Sonoro, module, Prato, It

The project was part of the installation Abito Sonoro_Play the space at Danae Festival Milano October 2023, Laterale, Fabbrica Del Vapore, Spazio Fattoria. 
Danae Festival is an international multidisciplinary project, born in Milan in 1999, curated by Teatro delle Moire, Alessandra De Santis and Attilio Nicoli Cristiani. In this event, the module of abito sonoro was part of the propose. The exercise aim was creating a map-carpet by putting together coloured pieces of cloth, following the tension and surrending to the dizziness provoked by shapes, colours, matters, and sounds.

The project was part of the exposition and workshop in Marsaladue, Bologna.

Abito Sonoro #Jaquard #canvas from 17.11 to 15.12 / 2023

"The body is included in the world just as the body includes the world".

Blaise Pascal

Abito Sonoro is presented in the process of its design, as an interactive installation, as a workshop on the last day. The e-textile jacquard takes the form of the canvas the device is verticalised. We redefine the interaction's space in the threshold between the canvas and the body

The interaction with the space brings us to the reflections experienced at length in the project  Abito in vico Tronari, Sanità, Altofest Naples 2016


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